Stihl Hedgetrimmers

  • Stihl HS45 Hedgetrimmer

    MSRP $379.99

    The HS 45 is a lightweight hedge trimmer designed for occasional homeowner use. Featuring an ElastoStart™ shock-absorbing starter handle, and 18” dual reciprocating double-sided blades with integrated cutter guard, this unit is easy to operate for jobs around the home

  • Stihl HS46C-E Hedgetrimmer

    MSRP $569.99

    The lightweight HS 46 C-E hedge trimmer (22” blade) makes light work of trimming hedges. It features the Easy2Start™ system for effortless starting every time, plus a Master Control Lever™ combining choke, startup, operating and stop functions all in one - an industry first in a gas hedge trimmer. Powered by stratified charge engine technology that cuts fuel consumption by 20% and exhaust emissions by 60%, an advanced anti-vibration system and a tip protector that prevents damage and reduces wear, this revolutionary hedge trimmer will make yard work quick and easy.

  • Stihl HS82T-30" Hedgetrimmer

    MSRP $829.99

    The professional HS 82 T hedge trimmer for trimming and sculpting replaces the HS 81 T with the latest in STIHL technology. Equipped with stratified scavenging engine technology that reduces fuel consumption by 20% and fulfils all emission regulations, long life air filter for prolonged engine protection, double-sided, sharpened cutting blades for a high quality cut, adjustable multi-function handle and a tool-less fuel cap. This hedge trimmer is an innovative unit designed with the demanding professional in mind. Available in two versions with a 24" or 30" blade. 

  • Stihl HSE52 Electric Hedgetrimmer

    MSRP $199.99

    The NEW HSE 52 is the new electric hedge trimmer in our line-up for the homeowner. It comes with a 20" blade and a heavy duty gear box that provides a fast blade speed for all applications around the yard.

  • Stihl HSA26 Li-Ion Hedgetrimmer

    PROMO PRICE $179.99             MSRP $189.99

    Lightweight and compact cordless shrub shears with shrub cutter to trim and maintain smaller, evergreen hedges and small-leaved ornamental trees. Shrub cutter with optimised STIHL cutter geometry for an optimum cutting experience. With grass trimmer, including for cutting lawn edges. Non-slip control handle for perfect ergonomics, rapid, tool-free blade change, and battery charge-level indicator so you can keep an eye on the remaining battery capacity at all times.

  • Stihl HSA45 Li-Ion Hedgetrimmer

    PROMO PRICE $149.99           MSRP $199.99

    The lightweight HSA 45 lithium-ion battery hedge trimmer with great cutting performance for trimming shrubs and bushes in the yard. This model comes with a double-sided cutter blade, screw-on tip protector and an integrated 18 V lithium-ion battery with charge level indicator.

  • Stihl HSA30S Li-Ion Hedgetrimmer

    MSRP $249.99

    The ultra-light and quiet STIHL HSA 30 battery hedge trimmer impresses with its compact design, ergonomic design and perfect balance when trimming hedges and maintaining yards in domestic settings. Includes battery and charger.

  • Stihl HSA40S Li-Ion Hedgetrimmer

    MSRP $299.99

    The HSA 40 battery-powered hedge trimmer is an extremely light hedge trimmer with excellent cutting performance, designed for smaller hedge maintenance jobs around the garden, such as trimming box hedges and maintaining annual growth. It’s part of the AS System and powered by a removable lithium-ion battery that can also be used in other tools in the range, such as the GTA 26 garden pruner and SEA 20 hand vacuum.

  • Stihl HSA56S Li-Ion Hedgetrimmer

    PROMO PRICE $349.99            MSRP $399.99

    Whether you are pruning shrubs or tackling hedges the HSA 56 is the perfect choice. Light and simple to use, this hedge trimmer is designed with comfort in mind and thanks to the cordless technology, it is quiet too. The impressive cutting performance will make light work of all those trimming jobs around the garden. Includes battery & charger.

  • Stihl HSA60S Li-Ion Hedgetrimmer

    PROMO PRICE $399.99              MSRP $429.99

    The new STIHL HSA 60 is the most powerful cordless hedge trimmer available in the STIHL AK System, making it ideal for cutting large hedges and thicker growth around the garden. Includes battery & charger.

  • Stihl HSA100 Li-Ion Hedgetrimmer

    MSRP $519.99

    The Stihl HSA 100 Hedge Trimmer with its 60 cm cutting length delivers impressive cutting performance despite its lightness and thanks to being powered by rechargeable battery is also very quiet and free from emissions. Thanks to the double edge blade and multi-function handle which can rotate 90° in both directions, you can trim a hedge precisely both vertically and horizontally then also deal with corners professionally.

  • Stihl HLA56 Li-Ion Hedgetrimmer

    PROMO PRICE $479.99            MSRP $549.99

    The Stihl HLA56 long reach hedge trimmer, which boasts an outstanding weight of just 3.8kg excluding the battery, this, in turn, enables the user to operate with ease when cutting taller hedges and shrubs around the garden. This compact system boasts a range of features, that include double sided blades on a 45cm cutter bar with a shape that helps guide the material towards the cutters. Includes battery & charger.

  • Stihl HLA66 Li-Ion Hedgetrimmer

    MSRP $479.99

    The HLA 65 lithium-ion long-reach hedge trimmer is another innovative product from STIHL’s line of battery powered products. Featuring a 20” adjustable cutter bar from -45° to +60°, it provides an optimum setting for cutting low shrubs, as well as hedges up to 8’ high. With a loop handle and grip hose, it provides variable ergonomic working positions, and its low handle vibrations and low noise makes it a comfortable unit to use, even without hearing protection. Ideal for homeowners or for professionals working in noise sensitive areas. Experience the new long reach hedge trimmer with STIHL’s lithium-ion technology today! Battery and charger sold separately

  • Stihl HLA86 Li-Ion Hedgetrimmer

    MSRP $609.99

    This NEW long-reach professional lithium-ion hedge trimmer features a telescopic pole and high reach feature. Powered by a brushless EC-motor, comes equipped with an adjustable 20” double-sided cutter bar from -45° to +70° providing an optimum setting for cutting low shrubs, as well as tall hedges. This unit provides variable ergonomic working positions with minimal vibrations making it easy to operate and its ultra-quiet motor makes it the perfect tool for operating in noise sensitive areas. Another innovative product from STIHL. Battery and charger sold separately

Husqvarna Hedgetrimmers

  • Husqvarna 122HD60 Hedgetrimmer

    MSRP $509.99

    21.7 cc

    23.6" cutter

    11.5 lbs

    Adjustable rear handle

  • Husqvarna 115iHD55 Li-Ion Hedgetrimmer

    MSRP $339.99

    22" Cutting length

    8.6 lbs.

    Includes battery & charger

  • Husqvarna 320iHD60 Li-Ion Hedgetrimmer


    Upgrade your trimming experience with the Husqvarna Hedge Master 320iHD60 hedge trimmer. The tri-handle grips deliver a longer reach. Combined with the high cutting speed, you can tackle the toughest shrubs. Part of the MAX Battery Series, these products are designed to be easy to use while still giving you the power you need to finish the job the fast and right the first time.

  • Husqvarna 525HE4 Hedgetrimmer

    MSRP $789.99

    Husqvarna 525HE4 is a 25cc, high reach pole hedge trimmer with a 60cm cutter bar and high knife speed, designed for professional users. With the outstanding reach of up to 4 meters, 37 mm blade pitch and durable 135° angle adjustment you comfortably and efficiently trim all high, wide and low hedges. The engine serves as a counterweight and makes the machine exceptionally well-balanced and comfortable to use. Equipped with heavy-duty gearbox and intuitive controls for easy starting.

  • Husqvarna 520iHE3 Li-Ion Hedgetrimmer

    MSRP $609.99

    The Husqvarna 520iHE3 battery pole hedge trimmer combines petrol performance with zero emissions and extremely quiet operation. With up to 3.5m reach, high cutting speed and Husqvarna durability, it gives pro-level productivity and results – but is quiet and clean enough for use even in residential areas, hotels, hospitals and other noise-sensitive environments. Remote control angle adjustment and comfortable handles make the 520iHE3 ideal for any operation. Compatible with all Husqvarna BLi-batteries and chargers.

  • Husqvarna 520iHT4 Telescoping Li-Ion Hedgetrimmer

    MSRP $669.99

    Husqvarna 520iHT4 is a high-capacity battery-powered telescopic pole hedge trimmer with up to 4.5 m reach, designed for professional use. It cuts wide, high and low hedges efficiently thanks to the length adjustable telescopic tube and angle adjustable cutter bar. Battery and charger sold separately.

Echo & Shindaiwa Hedgetrimmers

  • Echo HC-2020 Hedgetrimmer

    PROMO PRICE $499.95          MSRP $519.95

    - 21.2 cc professional-grade 2-stroke engine.

    - 20" RazorEdge blades

  • Echo HC-155 Hedgetrimmer

    MSRP $629.95

    - 21.2 cc professional-grade 2-stroke engine.

    - 24" RazorEdge blades.

    - Ergonomic rear handle

  • Echo DHC-2300 Li-Ion Hedgetrimmer


    Beauty without bulkiness. The quiet, lightweight DHC-2300 hedge trimmer, powered by the eFORCE® 56V battery system, makes precision cuts with a lightning-fast 53 strokes per second, trimming time and effort off the workday.

  • Echo DHC-2200 Li-Ion Hedgetrimmer


    The DHC-2200R weighs just 2.9 kg but delivers power equal to a petrol engine professional model. Its true prowess however, lies in its versatility; it's perfect for fine and precise trimming whilst being powerful enough to take on thick unkempt hedges and branches. With impressive run times, quiet operation and features designed to minimise downtime, the DHC-2200R is the ultimate professional hedge trimmer.