Stihl Kombi System

  • Stihl KM56R-CE Kombi Engine

    PROMO PRICE $279.95             MSRP $299.95

    The KM 56 RC-E KombiEngine is part of the STIHL family of multi-use tools. Featuring a new low-emission, fuel-efficient engine plus the Easy2Start™ system for effortless starting; this unit allows the user to mix and match attachments (sold separately) for a range of tasks including trimming, cultivating, edging, pruning, sweeping and much more. Perfect for tasks around the home and light landscaping jobs.

  • Stihl KM91R Kombi Engine

    MSRP $429.95

    The KM 91 R KombiMotor gives professional landscapers great versatility and dependable performance during daily use. Instead of a pile of tools on the trailer, why not have one dependable engine with a selection of space-saving attachments? That’s exactly what the KM 91 R KombiMotor delivers. It also offers simplified starting with its semi-automatic choke lever, as well as one-touch stop and 30% longer run time compared to previous models. Whether you’re looking to supplement your current collection of power tools, or streamline your entire operation, this KombiMotor is a solid investment for any pro on the go. NOTE: STIHL KombiMotors and STIHL KombiSystem attachments are sold separately.

  • Stihl KM94R Kombi Engine

    MSRP $459.95

    The NEW KM 94 R is an operator’s dream; enhanced with ECOSPEED and a stratified scavenging engine technology that reduces fuel consumption by 20% and fulfils all emission regulations, this unit boasts enough power to efficiently run all KombiTools. Equipped with a multifunction control handle for easy operation, loop handle with barrier bar, split shaft with tool-less quick release coupling for easier storage and transport, landscapers and avid users will love this NEW addition to the KombiSystem line-up. 

  • Stihl KM111R Kombi Engine

    MSRP $519.95

    Tackle yard projects with ease with the KM 111 R KombiMotor. Part of the STIHL KombiSystem of multi-tasking tools, this model features a powerful, low-emission engine with a large fuel tank that provides 30% longer run times than the previous model. Professional landscapers looking for power and versatility will like the KM 111 R and its semi-automatic choke lever, one-touch stop, and improved air filter extending service life and replacement intervals. Plus, the KM 111 R is compatible with up to 14 interchangeable attachments, allowing you to operate and power up multiple tools with one KombiMotor while saving on fuel and maintenance. NOTE: STIHL KombiMotors and STIHL KombiSystem attachments are sold separately

  • Stihl KM131R Kombi Engine

    MSRP $559.95

    When you are on the job, which do you value more: power or versatility? If you answered “both,” then take a look at the KM 131 R KombiMotor. This multi-tasking tool is the most powerful in the STIHL KombiSystem family and features a low-emission engine, delivering 30% longer run times compared to previous models. It’s compatible with over a dozen KombiSystem attachments, giving you incredible utility in a fraction of the trailer space compared to stand-alone tools. The KM 131 R is also easy to operate, featuring a semi-automatic choke lever, one-touch stop switch, anti-vibration system and a specially designed quick-release coupling system for easy switching between attachments. The only thing easier than using the KM 131 R is leaving your older, bulkier power tools behind. NOTE: STIHL KombiMotors and STIHL KombiSystem attachments sold separately.

Echo PAS System

  • Echo PAS-225 PAS Powerhead

    MSRP $299.95

    Ideal for residential applications for complete tool versatility.

    - 21.2 cc professional-grade 2-stroke engine

    - Single-source power head fits most PAS attachments

    - Positive placement coupler ensures a secure and hassle-free accessory connection with easy change-out between attachments

  • Echo PAS-2620 PAS Powerhead

    MSRP $469.95

    - 17% more power than the PAS-266

    - 25.4 cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine

    - 9.9 lbs. (.7 lbs. lighter than PAS-266)

    - New premium coupler for easy attachment mating

  • Echo CST-58V2AH Li-Ion PAS trimmer

    PROMO PRICE $379.95          MSRP $399.95

    - Brushless motor for superior power, run time and durability

    - High/Low Speed switch for more power or extended run time

Shindaiwa M series Multi Tools

  • Shindaiwa M235 Powerhead

    PROMO PRICE $299.95

    New entry-level commercial M-Series power source  

    Same powerhead as T235  

    New PAS-type coupler  

    Shindaiwa-type front & rear handles

  • Shindaiwa M262 Powerhead

    PROMO PRICE $469.95

    Replaces M242

    Same powerhead as T262  

    New power source coupler  

    Shindaiwa-type front & rear handles  

    Includes harness ring

Husqvarna LK Multi Tools

  • Husqvarna 129LK Split shaft trimmer

    PROMO PRICE $349.95

    27.5 cc 9.0 lbs

    T25 Trim head

    11 attachments available.

  • Husqvarna 525LK Split shaft trimmer

    PROMO PRICE $449.95

    25.4 cc

    11.9 lbs

    T35 trim head

    11 attachments available

  • Husqvarna 325iLK Li-Ion Split shaft trimmer

    MSRP $479.95

    New Li-Ion split shaft trimmer coming spring 2020. Battery & charger sold separately.

    Compatible with existing gas attachments. Superior Performance Brushless motor optimized for the application of 25cc equivalent performance. Multiple power options - internal, belt or backpack battery. Ergonomic design - motor placed in the rear, well-balanced, less tiresome. weight 5.5lbs