Stihl Kombi System

  • Stihl KM56R-CE Kombi Engine

    PROMO PRICE $299.99               MSRP $329.99

    The KM 56 RC-E KombiEngine is part of the STIHL family of multi-use tools. Featuring a new low-emission, fuel-efficient engine plus the Easy2Start™ system for effortless starting; this unit allows the user to mix and match attachments (sold separately) for a range of tasks including trimming, cultivating, edging, pruning, sweeping and much more. Perfect for tasks around the home and light landscaping jobs.

  • Stihl KM91R Kombi Engine

    PROMO PRICE $429.99                      MSRP $499.99

    The KM 91 R KombiMotor gives professional landscapers great versatility and dependable performance during daily use. Instead of a pile of tools on the trailer, why not have one dependable engine with a selection of space-saving attachments? That’s exactly what the KM 91 R KombiMotor delivers. It also offers simplified starting with its semi-automatic choke lever, as well as one-touch stop and 30% longer run time compared to previous models. Whether you’re looking to supplement your current collection of power tools, or streamline your entire operation, this KombiMotor is a solid investment for any pro on the go. NOTE: STIHL KombiMotors and STIHL KombiSystem attachments are sold separately.

  • Stihl KM94R Kombi Engine

    MSRP $499.99

    The NEW KM 94 R is an operator’s dream; enhanced with ECOSPEED and a stratified scavenging engine technology that reduces fuel consumption by 20% and fulfils all emission regulations, this unit boasts enough power to efficiently run all KombiTools. Equipped with a multifunction control handle for easy operation, loop handle with barrier bar, split shaft with tool-less quick release coupling for easier storage and transport, landscapers and avid users will love this NEW addition to the KombiSystem line-up. 

  • Stihl KM111R Kombi Engine

    MSRP $549.99

    Tackle yard projects with ease with the KM 111 R KombiMotor. Part of the STIHL KombiSystem of multi-tasking tools, this model features a powerful, low-emission engine with a large fuel tank that provides 30% longer run times than the previous model. Professional landscapers looking for power and versatility will like the KM 111 R and its semi-automatic choke lever, one-touch stop, and improved air filter extending service life and replacement intervals. Plus, the KM 111 R is compatible with up to 14 interchangeable attachments, allowing you to operate and power up multiple tools with one KombiMotor while saving on fuel and maintenance. NOTE: STIHL KombiMotors and STIHL KombiSystem attachments are sold separately

  • Stihl KM131R Kombi Engine

    MSRP $599.99

    When you are on the job, which do you value more: power or versatility? If you answered “both,” then take a look at the KM 131 R KombiMotor. This multi-tasking tool is the most powerful in the STIHL KombiSystem family and features a low-emission engine, delivering 30% longer run times compared to previous models. It’s compatible with over a dozen KombiSystem attachments, giving you incredible utility in a fraction of the trailer space compared to stand-alone tools. The KM 131 R is also easy to operate, featuring a semi-automatic choke lever, one-touch stop switch, anti-vibration system and a specially designed quick-release coupling system for easy switching between attachments. The only thing easier than using the KM 131 R is leaving your older, bulkier power tools behind. NOTE: STIHL KombiMotors and STIHL KombiSystem attachments sold separately.

  • Stihl KMA80 Kombi Powerhead

    MSRP $379.99

    The KMA 80 R is part of the AK Homeowner Battery System. It is made with the same durable components as the gas-powered KM 56 RC-E and works with 14 optional attachments that are interchangeable between both KombiMotors. Featuring a brushless motor for a virtually maintenance-free experience and high RPMs for powerful performance, the KMA 80 R is built for efficiency.

  • Stihl KMA120 Kombi Powerhead

    MSRP $469.99

    The versatile KMA 120 R is built for professional, extended use and is powered by AP System batteries. Featuring a virtually maintenance-free brushless motor and variable-speed trigger to optimize energy usage, the KombiMotor offers efficiency and durability. Choose from up to 14 optional, toolless attachments that are compatible with both gas- and battery-powered KombiMotors to perform a wide range of landscaping tasks.

  • Stihl KMA135 Kombi Powerhead

    MSRP $519.99

    Part of the professional AP Battery Series, the Stihl 135 platform is packed with Stihl quality and durability, delivering true commercial-grade power and performance comparable to gasoline-powered tools — all with zero exhaust emissions and low noise. All products feature an on- board battery slot and weather-resistant design, allowing professional users to keep working with less downtime. The 135 platform is assembled in America with many of the same drive and cutting components used in Stihl professional gas-powered products. Battery and charger sold separately.

Echo PAS System

  • Echo PAS-225 PAS Powerhead

    MSRP $399.95

    Ideal for residential applications for complete tool versatility.

    - 21.2 cc professional-grade 2-stroke engine

    - Single-source power head fits most PAS attachments

    - Positive placement coupler ensures a secure and hassle-free accessory connection with easy change-out between attachments

  • Echo PAS-2620 PAS Powerhead

    MSRP $569.95

    - 17% more power than the PAS-266

    - 25.4 cc professional-grade, 2-stroke engine

    - 9.9 lbs. (.7 lbs. lighter than PAS-266)

    - New premium coupler for easy attachment mating

  • Echo DPAS-2100 Li-Ion PAS Powerhead


    Lightweight lightning. The DPAS-2100SB powerhead, powered by the ECHO eFORCE™ 56V battery system, includes a Speed-Feed® 400 trimmer head attachment. Featuring legendary ECHO power and do-it-all versatility, the powerhead quickly connects to 15 available PAS attachments.

  • Echo DPAS-2600 Li-Ion PAS Powerhead


    Quiet, convenient, and loaded with legendary ECHO power. The DPAS-2600SB powerhead, powered by the ECHO eFORCE™ 56V battery system, is compatible with 16 different attachment heads to deliver powerful performance and versatility, no matter how tall your tasks may be. Includes SF400 trimmer attachment

Shindaiwa M series Multi Tools

  • Shindaiwa M235 Powerhead

    MSRP $399.95

    New entry-level commercial M-Series power source  

    Same powerhead as T235  

    New PAS-type coupler  

    Shindaiwa-type front & rear handles

  • Shindaiwa M262 Powerhead

    MSRP $569.95

    Same powerhead as T262  

    New power source coupler  

    Shindaiwa-type front & rear handles  

    Includes harness ring

Husqvarna LK Multi Tools

  • Husqvarna 330LK Split shaft trimmer

    MSRP $399.99

    27.5 cc 9.0 lbs

    RAPID REPLACE Trim head

    11 attachments available.

  • Husqvarna 525LK Split shaft trimmer

    MSRP $519.99

    25.4 cc

    11.9 lbs

    T35 trim head

    11 attachments available

  • Husqvarna 325iLK Li-Ion Split shaft trimmer

    MSRP $499.99

    Battery & charger sold separately.

    Compatible with existing gas attachments. Superior Performance Brushless motor optimized for the application of 25cc equivalent performance. Multiple power options - internal, belt or backpack battery. Ergonomic design - motor placed in the rear, well-balanced, less tiresome. weight 5.5lbs